Deloitte & Touche

The National Investment Management Services Group wanted a brochure system that reflected the scope, depth and experience of various specialty teams within this division of Top 5 accounting firm Deloitte & Touche. A powerful branding image was developed that carries through on every communications component.

To the untrained eye, Auguste Rodin's Le Penseur (The Thinker) assumes a somewhat passive, contemplative pose; when in actuality, The Thinker is well beyond that point.  In Rodin's own words:  "...sitting on a rock, his toes clutching the edge, his head on his fist, he wonders.  Fertile thoughts rise slowly in his mind.  He is not a dreamer, he is a creator."



There is one simple truth that the world's great minds can agree on, and that is the notion that an inspired idea is only as good as its practical application. Does it provide an answer? Solve a problem?  Create an opportunity? Cause a change for the better? At Deloitte & Touche, we measure the value of our ideas by how well they help our clients. We provide answers based on practical knowledge and real-life experience. 

While our skill is grounded in the fundamentals, our solutions differ according to the individual needs of our clients.  We view the potential value of any opportunity with an eye toward how our clients can most effectively capitalize on that opportunity. The one commonality is that the Deloitte & Touche National Investment Management Services Group always approaches a client engagement the same way. 

We start by listening - the first step toward understanding an issue.  Then, we think - looking at the issue from all angles, applying intellect and experience.  And finally, we create - concrete solutions and strategies for our clients that will produce results and guide future efforts.