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Fidelity Freedom Funds

Fidelity Freedom Funds are an investment alternative for people who don’t have the time nor the desire to manage their own retirement portfolio. For novice and experienced investors alike, these funds represent a simple-yet-sophisticated retirement strategy that takes most of the work out of the retirement investing process.

what cruise control did for driving...

(reverse side)
…Fidelity Freedom Funds® are doing for retirement saving.

Fidelity Freedom Funds® could help you reach your destination with a minimum of effort on your part. The funds provide a way to have your retirement portfolio professionally managed and risk controlled, with all the research and rebalancing done for you. Simply select a Freedom fund with the target date closest to the year you plan to retire, and use the fund as a retirement saving strategy or as a supplement to your portfolio.

Each Freedom fund invests in other well-known Fidelity® mutual funds. The investment allocation is gradually and automatically shifted to become more conservative the closer it gets to its target date. You will still need to monitor your portfolio, but everything else is essentially taken care of for you.

Put your retirement saving strategy on cruise control. Go to for more information or speakwith a Fidelity Retirement Services Specialist today. Call 1-800-343-0860.

what auto pilot did for flying...

(reverse side)
…Fidelity Freedom Funds® are doing for retirement saving.

Fidelity Freedom Funds® are like auto pilot for your retirement saving strategy in that they could help you reach your destination with a minimum of effort on your part. By investing in the Freedom Funds, your retirement portfolio will be:

• professionally managed by the portfolio manager who created them
• risk controlled by diversifying among asset classes
• automatically rebalanced to become more conservative over time

If you haven’t invested in one of the Freedom funds yet, consider the advantages of reaching your retirement goals through this diversified, risk controlled approach.

Isn’t it time to put your retirement saving strategy on auto pilot? Go to and click on NetBenefitsSM to access your account, or speak with a Fidelity Retirement Services

Specialist today. Call 1-800-343-0860.

Fidelity Investments  
As part of a series of empowering workshops under the umbrella Investing for Women (which I also wrote the main presentation script for), an invitation was created and mailed to a targeted audience of professional women in key markets across the country. Given the very high number of people who responded and attended, this program was considered to be a great success.

Your Retirement. One Company. Endless Possibilities.

Retirement Investment Integration Workshop

Learn how to evaluate your current retirement savings strategy. Discover options you didn’t know you had. See how you can have a single vendor relationship, save time and money in the process, and have a well-balanced, on-target retirement portfolio designed to achieve your retirement goals This is the workshop that could cause you to look at your retirement in a whole new light. As in enlightenment.

Attend the workshop. Enhance your future. Simplify Your Life.

Fidelity Investments is the company. The depth and scope of what Fidelity offers retirement investors is the reason why. One point of contact. Simplified account management. Seamless investment integration. A single cohesive portfolio. Improved asset allocation. Expanded investment opportunities. Sophisticated tools for smart decision making. Cost and time efficiencies. Elimination of redundancy and overlap. A more streamlined, all-inclusive approach. One-to-one personalized service.

One Company. Endless Possibilities.

Fidelity Investments
A series of postcard mailers created for Fidelity Investments, encouraging retirement investors to consolidate their assets with Fidelity.

The Power of One
346 undergraduate students, 84 graduate students, two weekly department meetings, four day classes, one evening session, faculty advisor to 134 students, one book published, fluent in four languages, father of two, two cars, one retirement resource.

The Insights of One
15 surgical procedures each week on average, four weekly department meetings, mentor to six resident interns, seven published articles with two more in the works, four weekly lectures, father of three, one boat, a ten handicap, one retirement resource.


Why maintain relationships with several retirement companies when you really only need one?
Discover the advantages of having one point of contact for seamless investment integration and expanded asset allocation and diversification opportunities. Learn why one source of account management can help make it so much easier and more efficient to manage your retirement saving and income planning strategies. Find out why having a single retirement resource can eliminate redundancies, overlaps and gaps in your current portfolio. See how to focus more on maximum return potential with minimum risk and less on managing multiple relationships. One retirement plan. One retirement resource.

Fidelity Investments
A series of statement stuffers created for Fidelity that focuses on proactive steps for saving for retirement...and another that introduces less-experienced retirement investors to the benefits and convenience of Fidelity Freedom Funds.

Looking for a better way to save for retirement?

Here are some simple steps you can take.

Retirement Savings Plan Checklist:

Save More and Lower Your Current Income Taxes. Today's deferral limits are higher and more flexible than ever. Contributing even a little more today could lower your current taxable income and increase your retirement savings for the future.

Take advantage of the "Age 50+ Catch-Up" Provision. One of the benefits of being 50 or older is the opportunity to save more toward your retirement. If your plan allows and you are eligible, consider making larger contributions to your workplace savings accounts. If could make a big difference to you financially when it comes time to retire.

Consolidate your retirement assets. As you near retirement, keeping track of your retirement investments can be a challenge. But changes in the tax law mean that your workplace savings accounts are more portable than ever. If your plan allows, consider rolling over your eligible workplace savings assets from former employers into your current plan. It can help simplify the management of your retirement assets, help you track investment performance, and maintain your asset allocation strategy.

Enrich your retirement savings plan. Start today.

It's easy, and we're here to help. Call the toll-free number on your statement. For more details on any of the above checklist items, visit

Freedom is......the feeling you get when you've found an answer.

Fidelity Freedom Funds ®.
They could be the answer you've been looking for.

Fidelity Freedom Funds offer a simple, structured and flexible way to define your retirement whether you're an experienced investor or a novice. The Freedom Funds use a sophisticated investment strategy that simplifies the investment decision making process. The beauty of it is you have the freedom to carry on with the other things in your life with the confidence of knowing that your retirement portfolio is being professionally managed with your retirement time horizon in mind.

Freedom is...a sophisticated investment strategy.

Each of the five Freedom Funds, with a targeted retirement date, invests in a diversified mix of well-known Fidelity equity (stocks), fixed income (bonds) and money market funds (short-term investments). The asset allocation of each fund is continuously adjusted to become more conservative as it gets closer to the fund's target date. A sixth fund, Fidelity Freedom Income Fund, for those who are already retired, seeks to provide current income throughout the individual's retirement - and that could be 10, 20 or 30 years into the future.

Freedom is...a simple, single retirement option.

Simple, because if you decide that the Freedom Funds are right for you, just choose the fund that's closest to your planned retirement date, or the one that best matches your risk tolerance and retirement goals. Single, because you may only need to choose one investment option instead of having to take the time to build a diversified portfolio on your own. See the portfolios in the "How the funds work" section on the back of this piece.

How the funds work:

Each Fidelity Freedom Fund has its own target time horizon - 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040 - and is designed to gradually adopt a more conservative asset allocation strategy over time. Fidelity Freedom Income Fund seeks to provide high current income and potential capital appreciation.

(asset allocation pie charts)

For more information, visit