Fidelity Investments
A recruitment brochure conceived and written for Fidelity's Administrative and Investment Management Systems Group.


It's 7:10 A.M.

The daily odyssey begins.

And in the short time between home and office, six issues have been addressed, two problems solved, four challenges anticipated, and two new opportunities identified. Business as usual for the Fidelity Technology Systems professional.

"Sometimes, the pace can be blinding. But the intelligence of the people, their very positive attitude, and the sophistication of the tools keep it from becoming unnerving or chaotic. This is a good thing."


Whether it's building the next generation of equity portfolio management system or supporting a global network of database servers, Administrative and Investment Management Systems professionals are generally in turbo mode, typically thinking about the next two or three issues while dealing with the one at hand.

For most of us, the typical day starts briskly and accelerates from there. Come to think of it, there are no typical days at Fidelity. And that's part of what makes it so different from the Wall Street scene. There's a familiar dynamism, but there's also a distinct entrepreneurial spirit that obviates decision-making delays and drives the tempo like a thunderous base line in a piece of progressive jazz.

Another distinguishing factor at Fidelity is the enormous commitment to systems technology. Simply put, Fidelity's Administrative and Investment Management Systems group works with the latest and most sophisticated tools. With the way we do business, there's just no room for second best.

Fidelity Investments
One of a number of brochures written for Fidelity's Retirement Services Group...
this one an annual checkup for 401k plan participants at Toro.

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