Novacon is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) specializing in dedicated network connections to businesses, schools and libraries in the Chicago metropolitan area. To increase market share in a highly-competitive arena, Novacon needed to get their message out in a more compelling, clutter-breaking way. A colorful collateral system and lively website were created as steps toward achieving this goal.  

What makes Novacon such a unique communications partner?

We're Strictly Business -
Providing high-speed, dedicated network connections for businesses is all we do.  No dial-ups.  No recreational users. No nuisance traffic.  This ensures that even large business files will always reach their destination uninterrupted and fully intact.  It also means that Novacon can provide service that's a lot more customized.


Personalized Service From An ISP?

When you call a typical ISP, you're likely to get sucked into the vortex of some impersonal never-ending automated phone system.  Or, put on hold.  Or, directed to another phone number.  Or, told that you can't be helped unless you know your IP number, router or some other bit of obscure information.  When you call Novacon, a human being will answer the phone and recognize your company's name right away.  We give your call the full attention it deserves, and the knowledgeable response you expect to receive.  That's a unique attribute of Novacon as your ISP.

Proactive Service From An ISP?

Yes!  We provide proactive, 24-hour monitoring to detect and resolve issues before they become problems.  That way, your business isn't vulnerable to the effects of any kind of significant Internet downtime.  It's just another unique strategic business advantage you get from having Novacon as your ISP.

Managed Security Service - A state-of-the-art firewall for your piece of mind -

Novacon can provide your business with a complete perimeter defense solution by establishing a dedicated, ICSA certified firewall at your location to control incoming and outgoing traffic between the Internet and your internal networks.  This state-of-the-art firewall will block any TCP/IP services that you do not specifically enable to pass through the firewall and into your internal networks.  Our complete firewall protection includes:

     ~ Software Updates
     ~ Installation and Maintenance
     ~ Collaborative Security Policy Design
     ~ Solution Changes and Modifications
     ~ Scan Detection (probes) and Spoofing
     ~ Capability to Block Sites and Ports and Auto block Perceived
Novacon is a CLEC, Specializing in Data

In addition to providing businesses with traditional ISP services, Novacon is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), providing private data lines on a local, regional, national and international basis.  And we pro-actively monitor each line  to ensure uninterrupted business connectivity.  The specific CLEC services we provide include:

     ~ Private Connections Between Your Operations
          T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48
     ~ Local, Regional or National Private and Virtual WAN
     ~ Proactive Monitoring - to resolve issues before they
        become problems.
     ~ Data Specialists - our techs no data, because it's all they do

Novacon's Services:

Our dedicated line offering includes:

     ~ Fractional T1
     ~ T1
     ~ Bonded T1
     ~ Fractional T3
     ~ T3
     ~ Non mission-critical SDSL

Other services include:

     ~ Managed Security
     ~ Dedicated Server Hosting
     ~ Server Fall Back 
     ~ Collocation and VPN's
Novacon Offers Mission Critical Soltuions

We fully understand that your business would be significantly impaired if your connectivity to the outside world were to be disrupted.  That's why we provide several options of connections utilizing the latest autofallback technology:

     ~ Bonded T1 Service
     ~ T1 Service With DSL Backup
     ~ T3 Service With Single or Multiple T1 Backup
     ~ T1 Service With Satellite Backup
     ~ T3 Service With 3MB Satellite Backup

These solutions provide a high level of connectivity and are engineered and programmed to automatically route all traffic to and from your network using your existing IP range over the contingent connection.  As a result of proactive monitoring, this rerouting occurs automatically, in milliseconds.  Then a team of experts instantly begin repair procedures on your primary circuit. 

We also provide complete onsite installation by certified network pros.  We will integrate your line into your network, or work with your IT department as part of their team.  We'll help you address systems integration issues - without stepping on any IT toes.   We'll even loan you hardware, if you need it. 

We provide full circuit provisioning.  We also offer fully managed email.  And our CLEC division offers private data lines - regionally, nationally and globally. 

Novacon is an Application Infrastructure Provider.

Co-location services is an emerging idea of growing importance for all types of businesses, both large and small.  What it provides is a less capital-intensive to build and expand network architecture resources by connecting your business to a much larger "backbone"  (array of redundant systems).  And with Novacon as your Application Infrastructure provider, the process couldn't be simpler.

With Remote Tech, an optional service, you can change hardware configuration or troubleshoot your servers without dispatching personnel to the co-location site.  Novacon will work on your co-located equipment while you provide input - either by phone or by watching the activities interactively on a Web camera. 

Novacon also specializes in Private Servers to companies who need to customize, run high levels of traffic, want to be able to control the server environment, and/or try out short-term projects without having to make a huge investment.