When a Zurich-based financial conglomerate wanted to introduce a line of sector funds into the US market, they couldn't find the words. But their unique brand of global investing expertise separated them from everyone else. Today, they are known, and their assets under management are steadily increasing. 

Group of Funds

Global Vision



Orbitex is a specialized and extremely agile global investment firm.  We provide comprehensive asset management to a select group of institutional and individual investors who require an unusually high level of attention and service. We offer a full range of sector and industry-specific global investments ranging from conservative to aggressive. Our offices are strategically located within the global marketplace in New York, London, Zurich, Frankfurt and Nassau and are staffed by specialists with unparalleled expertise in the global investment arena.

One Vision. Many Perspectives

What sets Orbitex apart from the multitude of other investment firms is the unique combination of our own internal and external resources. People. Experience. Persistence. Professionalism.  Knowledge. The expertise of investment specialists from disparate geographical and cultural backgrounds who provide firsthand insight into individual markets and companies. Since 1986, Orbitex has built strong relationships with a number of top regional investment managers. This complements our internal staff of skilled global investment professionals, who not only know how to leverage our regional relationships, but also how to get the most from our varied research resources. The unique combination of international investment experience, local knowledge, and industry marketing awareness separates Orbitex from other global fund firms. It is also what positions the Oribtex Group of Funds as an attractive addition to any investment portfolio.

When an entire investment team has the same orientation, insightful decisions can often be made and remarkable results can be achieved.

As small as the world may seem today, it is still surprisingly diverse. No one investment company can know it all. To know enough of it well - that's our goal at Orbitex.