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Vanson Leathers
Since their founding in 1974, Vanson Leathers has become one of the leading American manufacturers of custom motorcycle jackets. Today, their custom drag bike leathers, custom biker jackets, custom leather gloves, custom leather pants, custom race leathers and accessories are the most sought after "basics" for sport, touring and road warrior gear. Vanson combines the strongest, thickest leather with traditional Old World hand craftsmanship to create custom motorcycle leathers that will last a lifetime. Well worth the investment.
Giving The Glam
The goal of Giving The Glam is to provide a truly memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for high school students who may not otherwise have the financial resources to attend their own school prom in a way that makes them feel unique and special. As a philanthropic organization, Giving The Glam covers all the expenses including attire, hair, makeup, accessories, photography and transportation. Giving The Glam exists to make a positive, confidence-building impact on young lives.
Go Green Car US
Air pollution is a worldwide problem that poses serious health risks. Green car technology is a big part of the solution. Go Green Car US is known for ultra personalized service and superior quality eco-friendly rental vehicles. Their fleet of electric, gas/electric hybrids, and clean diesel vehicles are at the leading edge of today's environmental technology. "You will have the best experience with Green Cars US, as I always have. Why risk disappointment?" - Dinesh M, Uttar Pradesh
Fashion Moi Moi
Fashion can be a wonderfully exciting and sexy but fickle friend. Fashion Moi Moi is a a hip and trendy online resource that will help you take the guesswork out of your fashion decisions. Filled with fashion tips, style advice and much more, Fashion Moi Moi is a great resource or today's fashion-conscious woman.
The Meeting Company
The Meeting Company is a meeting research, contracting and consulting firm that streamlines and simplifies the meeting planning and purchasing functions for their large corporate clients. They often challenge conventional thinking in order to deliver customized solutions that best address unique needs. Their proprietary tool, PlanIT Platform, puts the entire planning and tracking process online for the ease and benefit of event planners.
Joel H. Schwartz, P.C.

Accidents and injuries are a fact of everyday life. But when you are the victim and it's someone else's fault, you don't want to go it alone up against tough insurance company lawyers whose job it is to minimize the amount of money you receive to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and out-of-pocket costs. You need an experienced personal injury law firm to ensure that you get everything you're entitled to. The Law Offices of Joel H, Schwartz, P.C. has been successfully representing personal injury victims for more than 45 years.

Naked Alpha Wealth Management

Naked Alpha LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor site. Their services are ideally suited to high net worth investors and owners of family offices who are either experienced and knowledgeable or relatively new to the business of financial planning, asset management, investing, estates & trusts, and tax planning. What differentiates Naked Alpha from other RIAs is their strategy-first approach and unencumbered investment architecture which provides the maximum number of viable investment options.

Beneficial Insurance Group

In addtion to offering a full range of top insurance products from the nation's top carriers underscored by competitive rates and exceptional service, Beneficial has come up with an innovative way for businesses and individuals to make uninterrupted annual donations to a preferred non-profit even in tight economic times. Beneficial's unique Charitable Giving Program turns a practical necessity into a vehicle for charitable giving by donating 20% of the base commission revenue from every policy they write to a deserving non-profit in the policy holder's name.

Vision Builders

Vision Builders is a Boston-based general contracting and construction management firm that specializes in the time-sensitive construction and renovation of major retail space. From site evaluation to the fine finish details, Vision Builders preplans every step of the process in a way that keeps clients involved and informed without being burdened. The purpose of this site is to convey those thoughts in a credible and compelling way.

Boston Strategic Advisors & Partners, LLC

Boston Strategic Advisors (BSA) provides effective business solutions mainly to Construction, Real Estate, Multi-Unit Restaurant, and Transporttion firms. Services range from creating Business Plans and Managing Growth to Securing Financing, dealing with Tax Issues, Branding and Marketing, and IT Consulting. BSA not only has years of experience advising these types of firms, they have also owned and run them. Proven solutions underscored by firsthand experience.

Other websites written by Magic Words:

Tommy Bahama
tommybahama.com V1

Imagine a weekend that never ends. Hedonistic, but no beach bum, Tommy Bahama offers the finer things in life - casual comfortable sportswear, footwear and accessories for men and women and a collection of high-end, relaxed home furnishings.

Big River/investor version
bigriver-themovie.com V1

This is the investor version (to raise the finish money) for a new feature-length documentary film called Big River - an eye-opening, toe-tapping, thought-provoking journey of discovery down the mighty Mississippi - as told through the insightful observations, razor-sharp wit and thoughtful commentary of author, poet, PBS commentator, and renowned storyteller, Andrei Codrescu. Once the capital has been raised, this site will morph into a general audience site to promote interest in the film.

NTRU Cryptosystems
ntru.com V1

NTRU Cryptosystems provides comprehensive security products and services to businesses wishing to leverage the power of trusted computing and embedded security technologies. NTRU's product suites are the preferred choice of industry leaders in the technology, consumer goods and telecommunications markets.

Starlight International
starlightonline.com V1

Monterey, CA-based Starlight International is a network marketing company that sells a complete line of all-natural nutraceutical vitamins and supplements through an international network of independent distributors.

Chase Bank
chase.com/advice&planning/smallbusiness V1

Strategic advice and field-tested planning for every stage of small business establishment, management and growth. This is part of Chase Bank’s entrée into the small- to mid-size business marketplace – an audience that had not traditionally been part of their business model.

Citizens Bank
citizensbank.com V1

The first version of the Personal Online Banking section of Providence, RI-based Citizens Bank’s website was written by Magic Words - creating a flexible template for future iterations.

Fidelity Investments
www.mysavingsatwork.com/atwork.htm V1

A special mini site created for Fidelity Investments that explains and markets the Fidelity Freedom Funds - designed specifically for retirement investors who have neither the time, knowledge nor inclination to manage their own retirement portfolios.

Sun Life Financial
sunlife.bm/products/ V1

Sun Life Financial is a leading financial services organization headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with operations in key markets around the world. Among the products and services Sun Life offers are Annuities - unique and often-complex investment products designed to provide a steady stream of income in retirement.

Wolf Creek

golfwolfcreek.com V1

Imagine standing on a small patch of grass 11 stories high above the desert floor. You look around and see nothing but red-rock canyon walls, cascading waterfalls, and lush green fairways. That’s what it feels like to tee off at Wolf Creek Golf Resort in Mesquite, Nevada - ranked the 3rd most difficult course in America by the USGA.